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Now in our 21st year, the Ohio Fuel Symposium attracts nationwide attendees, companies, manufacturers, public and government entities, organizations, research institutions, and technical/community colleges that are doing significant work in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry.  This year the Symposium will be at Stark State College, Business and Entrepreneurial Center, 6200 Frank Ave. NW, North Canton, OH  44720.


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Godfrey & Wing, a leading global manufacturer of vacuum impregnation technology, will present their latest technology for sealing leak paths in expanded and molded graphite bipolar plates. Their new technology (resin, process, and systems) provide sealed graphite plates without damage, and without the contamination with traditional impregnation processes. And, they do it in minutes, not hours.

Godfrey & Wing’s goals are to improve manufacturing, simplify complex processes, and help their customers improve throughput and profitability. With a proven track record in delivering results for castings used in ICEs, Godfrey & Wing is helping OEMs and manufacturers succeed as they now invest in FCVs and EVs. Established in 1948, they are now the longest-serving and largest vacuum impregnation equipment provider in the world.

Novamet Specialty Products is an engineered materials company, producing high purity nickel oxides and advanced materials for the fuel cell market for >40 years. Novamet specializes in products customized to meet their diverse customer needs. By utilizing heat treating, milling, chemical processing, blending, air classification, and screening, the plant produces precision-engineered products to the most exacting specifications & have more than 60 different products including specialty nickel oxides, coated materials, tightly sized nickel powders, and metallic flakes. Novamet works discreetly with customers to design and produce a product that meets or exceeds the specific customer’s requirements.

Novamet works closely with its sister company, UltraFine Specialty Products, to expand our offering to spherical gas atomized alloy and elemental powders serving the additive manufacturing, metal injection molding and specialty markets.
www.NovametCorp.com     www.UltraFinePowders.com 

WATT Fuel Cell Corp. (www.wattfuelcell.com) is a manufacturer and developer of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (“SOFC”) stacks and systems that operate on common, readily available fuels such as propane and natural gas. WATT’s proprietary, patented additive manufacturing process (AMP) has allowed it to produce commercially viable SOFC products for small-scale and remote power applications. WATT’s Hybrid Power Management system works in tandem with renewable power sources (solar and wind) and energy storage to provide quiet, efficient, affordable, and environmentally responsible energy solutions prioritizing a return on investment for customers across the globe.”

Zircar Zirconia (www.zircarzirconia.com) manufactures ceramic textiles for fuel cell gaskets, battery separators, and electrolyzer membranes.

For more than 40 years, Zircar has produced yttria stabilized zirconia, pure zirconia, alumina, ceria and yttria felts, cloths and rigid vacuum formed shapes for insulation in crystal growing, powder metal sintering, fuel cells, furnace construction, quartz working and filtration membranes.  Our insulation products stand up to the hottest, most corrosive environments providing lasting solutions to your biggest challenges.

Additional products include bulk fibers, high surface area powders and high temperature cements and rigidizers.

Greentree Consulting LLC (www.greentreeconsulting.net) is a domestic and international supply chain advisory group based in Lebanon, Ohio. Our mission is to increase the domestic content of North America’s clean energy installations and prepare the U.S. workforce for this emerging industry. Since 2009, our focus areas include land-based and offshore wind, hydrogen generation, hydrogen fuel cells – PEM & Solid Oxide, and solar, working with the U.S. Dept. of Energy, state economic development organizations and other to assess U.S. and global manufacturers competitiveness for hydrogen and fuel cell components.

Lorenzo Prestel, our Student Project Demonstrator, will demonstrate his Hydrogen Fuel Cell model car utilizing hydrogen though electrolysis of water and then using that hydrogen and a PEM fuel cell to power a model electric car.