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While we have always focused on hydrogen with respect to fuel cells, we recognize the importance of hydrogen, from development and production, to storage, distribution, and utilization. Our name change and new logo serve as a realignment and recommitment. We continue our focus with the same professionalism, credibility, and collaboration efforts to promote, educate, and serve the hydrogen and fuel cell industry.

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OFCHC Member News

The OFCHC welcome new member, OMAL Automation!

OMAL is a leading Italian company specialized in the automation of flow control.

They design, manufacture and sell:

  • high cycling pneumatic actuators (from 70 to 283.000 Inch-Lbs)
  • stainless steel valves for heavy duty applications (i.e. until 10.100 PSI) or ( i.e from -58°F to 482° F)

Founded in 1981 in Italy, where it still has its headquarters and production units, OMAL currently operates worldwide through a strong network of distributors and since 2020, has established a presence in the North American market with our new site in Cincinnati, OH.

Visit their website here.

Automated Kratos valves for hydrogen at 10100 PSI

Automated Kratos valves for hydrogen at 10100 PSI (valve + actuator)

Promoting Ohio, Our Region, & the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Industry

A United Group with One Mission

The Ohio Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Coalition is a trade organization established over 20 years ago as a leading fuel cell and hydrogen industry advocate and comprised of a united group of industry, academic, and government leaders working collectively to ensure Ohio’s and the region’s presence both regionally and nationally in fuel cell and hydrogen discussions.

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The Ohio Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Coalition is helping make Ohio the center of the global fuel cell and hydrogen industry. Through the coordinated efforts of the OFCHC, its members can participate and enjoy a growing position in this dynamic industry.

Why Ohio?

  • Internationally recognized as a global center for the fuel cell and hydrogen industry

  • Unique combination of knowledge, resources, & infrastructure

  • Has what it takes to support the development of clean & efficient energy technology


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This is the new hydrogen fuel cell: extremely compact and boasting 157kW of power

This is the first “intelligent” hydrogen fuel cell: an advance in mobility. A lightweight hydrogen fuel cell of 157kW production power has been developed by Intelligent Energy that can generate power for a clean power technology company. The brand defined it in its presentation as a “commercially-viable, turnkey solution”, something we believe is promising for the sector. The power density of that fuel-cell system is also innovating, and it is striking that it can still generate 157kW in a lightweight hydrogen fuel cell product. It’s what we see as a proposal to outperform EVs, with even better fuel, that needs, yes, a more ambitious and accessible network of hydrogen filling stations
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Bill Gates hooked on this hydrogen fuel and solid carbon startup

Bill Gates recently visited a climate tech startup in the Seattle area called Modern Hydrogen, which is focused on the production of hydrogen fuel and solid carbon.  The company developed a device that breaks down natural gas molecules to produce hydrogen fuel and solid carbon. Those products each have applications for lowering greenhouse gas emissions. H2 can be used as a carbon emission-free fuel, and solid carbon has a number of different industrial applications, including the aforementioned asphalt.
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Next-Generation Test Kits for SOFC/SOEC Research

As part of our commitment to the solid oxide fuel cell and electrolysis (SOFC and SOEC) research community, FCM is pleased to offer several different solutions to test your single fuel cell and electrolyzer cell samples with both our Planar Manifold Test Fixture Kits and the ProboStat Button Cell Test Fixture System. These single-cell test kits allow you to test out different configurations of electrodes and other variables to further your research and development and make it easy to switch from one test to the next.
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